This page is to help you find things to do in Vilnius, places to eat, shop, tour, etc. Please also note that AtGender does not have any deals with hotels or hostels during the Spring conference. Finding accommodation is up to you!

Most places in the old town are in walking distance from each other, but if you feel a need to travel anywhere further, you can always find info about public transport or plan your journey here.

It is also worth your time to browse the Vilnius tourism center webpage. It is full of useful information in many foreign languages (EN, RU, FR, DE, PL).

(AtGender will distribute a map of Vilnius to all conference participants upon arrival). 

  • St John’s Belfry (old town view from the top of the Belfry) → 2,5 eur/1,5 eur for students
  • Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower (old town)
  • Bus tour (hop on – hop off)
  • Trakai is a great place to stay if you have time to visit over the weekend. It’s a beautiful castle. Also a must-do to try Trakai famous food “Kibinai”. To get there, visit this tour guide. It is much cheaper to take a bus or train from Vilnius bus station (bus station and train station are in the same place in Vilnius; both are very close to old town).
  • TV tower. On top of the tower the view is breathtaking and there also is a restaurant with spinning floors.  Easiest way to get there is to take a taxi because it is a bit further from the city center. But if you want to take a bus, there is a website to plan your journey.
  • Gediminas’ castle
  • If you are interested in architecture, there is famous church called Church of St. Peter and St. Paul. Many tourists go there due to it’s unique decorations.
  • KGB museum
  • Lithuanian theater, music and cinema museum (very close to Vokiečių str. IIRPS, also where we will have part of our lectures and activities).
  • Užupio respublika (Republic of “Behind the River). It is a false “Republic” which has it’s own constitution hanged on the wall and all the attributes. It is called a place where all the artists lives (of course, in reality not only artists lives in Vilnius district “Užupis”).

Where to Eat
(In general, you will find many nice places in the old town streets (Vilniaus str, Vokiečių str., Gediminas ave, Pilies str, Didžioji str.)

  • Restaurant Grey next to Cathedral Square
  • Range of different restaurants with an old town view: across the river (cross The White Bridge), there is a shopping centre VCUP, on the 5th floor there are many different restaurants and if possible to sit in a terrace or next to the window – the view is beautiful.
  • Meat Lovers pub
  • Le butcher pub
  • Keule ruke → next to it is famous street artists picture’s of Putin and Trump
  • If you only want a little pie and a cup of tea, “Pinavija” on the Vilniaus street is perfect place.
  • Wok to Walk  → great place to have lunch on-the-go
  • If you are in the mood for a heavenly dessert, such as eclairs or macaroons, check out Ali. It is on Bazilijonų str. 6, close to Gates of Dawn. This place comes personally recommended!
  • Café Montmartre
  • Capo Nice food with a beautiful terrace.

Pubs, bars and clubs

  • Mohito Nights is a club-pub type of place. You will find many bars like this in Vilniaus str.
  • Mojo Lounge, a very popular night club!
  • Trinity
  • Carre, a great place for colorful cocktails
  • Skybar, the bar with the view, is located on the top floor on the Radisson Blu Hotel. Take the elevator to the top floor and don’t worry if you are not a guest. The bar is open to the public.
  • Būsi Trečias, a pub famous for flavored beer
  • Beer House has more beer brands than you ever thought existed!

Where to Buy Souvenirs?

  • Pilies gatve, Didžioji gatvė (Pilies str and Didzioji str) → after visiting Cathedral Square it is possible to go into Pilies street – it is full of little restaurants (for ex. La Crepe) and once you go up and reach Didzioji str, you can find lots of little souvenir shops. At the end of Didzioji str, there is City Hall with a beautiful square to take pictures.
    If you want to continue, go up to City Hall and you will find Ausros Vartu str., full of restaurants and souvenir shops as well. With a little patience you will see Gates of the Dawn at the end of Ausros Vartu str. It could be nice ~30 minute walk of sightseeing too.
  • Shopping centers (Europa and VCUP) are next to an old town
  • If you want to do some more shopping, take the bus “53” and go to Akropolis – huge shopping center.
  • On the Gediminas avenue, there is a little shopping centre GO9 with places to eat and shop. Also a nice to grab a cup of coffee.
    Gediminas avenue in general has many shops, such as ZARA and MANGO, DOUGLAS, and H&M.
    However, if you are looking for traditional souvenirs we recommend little shops on Pilies and Didžioji str. There you will find shops that sell Lithuanian amber!